Sick of setting goals that don't get achieved? 

The step-by-step system to help you finally achieve the goals you keep setting for yourself. Break away from rigid "one size fits all" goal systems and discover the system helping everyday people achieve EPIC things.

"This is the first goal setting anything that I have read, listened to, or whatever that has actually made sense in my brain"

Does this sound like you?

✔️ You set goals but struggle to follow through
✔️ You feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start 
✔️ Frustrated by the loop of setting the same goals over and over
✔️ The typical goal-getting systems just aren't working

You're not alone...

"One size fits all" goal systems don't work

A lot of online "gurus" make it seem like achieving goals should be easy...

Just decide what you want to do, make sure it's "SMART", and then get to work, right? 


After countless cycles of setting goals and never achieving them, I was about ready to give up.

Each time I'd start with enthusiasm, ready to make major changes, only to fall off in a matter of days and revert back to the state I was so desperately trying to get away from.

Maybe I wasn't motivated enough, maybe I just didn't try hard enough, maybe I wasn't committed enough...

But maybe the problem wasn't me. The goal system I was using was ineffective and outdated. 

I knew I had to try something different to stop wasting my time, so I said goodbye to generic advice, rigid plans, and unrealistic expectations.

Instead, I discovered a proven robust but flexible goal system that actually works.

Long story short, this new approach helped me finally achieve goals like changing my career, decluttering my home, building an online business, and more.

"All the put-off tasks from the last 5 months, have now been done in 5 days. This is the first goal getting concept that has actually worked for me! The fact that it's a full course, means that I can go back and use it for giving myself a motivation boost."

Introducing EPIC Goals

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This goal-getting system guides you through setting, planning, actioning, and reflecting on your goals, one bite-sized lesson at a time. This ensure you achieve the goals you've only dreamed about, without wasting time on ineffective strategies that just leave you feeling demotivated and frustrated.

Inside you get access to:


Eliminate the guesswork by following step by step systems for goal setting, planning, actioning, and reflection.


Get access to checklists and to do lists that save time and force you to focus on only the tasks that matter the most.

Video Lessons

Master the goal-getting process with on-demand video lessons which break down each aspect into bite-sized steps.


Save time by using pre-made templates for every stage of the process. They will transform the way you tackle your goals.

On The Go Access

Access your course materials from anywhere with handy apps for iOS and Android.

Lifetime Access

Keep the content forever. I will update it as I adapt to members needs, and you will have access to it for as long as the service exists.

What past EPIC students are saying

"The entire course was well-thought out and extensive. It gives different options for conceptualizing and acting on your goals to make your goal planning experience personalized. It covers all parts of goal planning from beginning phases of idea generation to the end completing goal actions and reflecting on progress. For the first time I have a better understanding of how to get goal work done. The online video course is broken down into smaller segments which makes the course so approachable and easy to digest. The workbook is an excellent resource with plenty of worksheets and areas for notetaking to help with planning. Trust that Jess has your back on goal setting and I am so thankful to her for creating this course. I have tried so many goal planners in the past and I have always felt like I fall short. Jess does an excellent job at breaking down the process and reducing my anxieties in getting goals work completed."


"I’ve tried many, many goal courses and systems to try and get my chaotic life in order, and while they’ve all given me some good insight and takeaways to use in my goal setting, there was always something missing that truly clicked for me to get out of the ‘goal planning’ to ‘goal-getting’. EPIC Goals though seemed to fill in those missing pieces perfectly! The thought of creating and following categories that fit your life versus preselected categories for everyone to assess and work on, along side the various steps (e.g. the EPIC acronym, the 3 C’s, and the type categorisation, etc.) of the course and workbook to determine and narrow down how to truly focus on meaningful goals and actions fit exactly how my brain needed to go through my massive list of plans and hopes to create a manageable, but challenging (in a good way) action list for goals that matter to me. It makes it feel like I can actually tackle what I want to without the oppressive overwhelm I tend to feel at the first hint of wretches in my life/plans and I’m already finding myself working through my actions list easier than ever before!"


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